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Re: Tips

On Tue, 07 Mar 2000, Jonathan Veit wrote:
> While doing a few of them I realized that the ones I was coming up with were
> mostly terminal tricks, which then brought me to another questions.  Should
> tips be GUI focused such as "How to Create Shortcut " or Conosle tricks such
> as "Virtual Terminals".  And then if GUI focused, KDE or GNOME? they have
> different elements, and if we were to do both than we should have different
> databases.  Who knew such a simple app could prose so many questions.
This is one of the reasons I thought (and I still am) of building an
intermediate area between console and X. I think I will try to build it
someday just to scratch an itch. Weather it gets used or not will remain
to be seen. But for now, I must try to keep focused on the current Indy.

This is a good idea and should not come to a grinding halt because of
all the issues we will all come up with. We need to keep to the KISS
principle here and know that we will not please everyone the first time
around. We do it now and improve it as we go along.

Some if the tips can be of Indy only origin. Things that are differant
in Indy then any other distro. Perhaps we could display them at the
[xdm,kdm,gdm] login screen. Since I believe most users probably choose
to boot strait to X on startup. I'll look into it. 

The console tips will come in just as handy as any other Jon. I
know I could have used a few when I started!!

R.G. Mayhue