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Re: Tips

I noticed a couple of typos, but probably wouldn't get them all, so try
running it past ispell. See inline notes:

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Kevin Forge wrote:

> %
> If someone explains that you should "edit this file with vi"
> exchange "vi" with "joe", "kedit", "pico" or your favorite
> editor and folow the other instructions verbatim.
> %
> To extract a file with extension .tar.gz or .tgz
>  tar -xzvf filename
> x = extract
> z = decompress gz file
> v = verbose
> f = use the following filename

How about adding a colon to seperate the command from the text? e.g.
To extract a file with extension .tar.gz or .tgz:
  tar -xzvf filename
> list a files contents
> less filename

How about we try to use full sentances, rather than bullet point style
notes. e.g

To list a file's contents:
less filename

> Quit vi with "Escape : q !"

Wrong, should be :q!
When I tried "Esc : q !" I got a trailing charactures error.

> Quit Emacs with "Ctrl-X,Ctrl-S"
> %
> comand line editing tips.
> Ctrl-A - goto start of line
> Ctrl-E - goto end of line

Don't the "Home" and "End" buttons work?

> %
> "du" - ( disk used ).  will tell you how much free space
> you have on every mounted partition.
> "du /dev/hda1" will tell you only about /dev/hda1

I'd recommend "du -h" and "df -h"

> %
> df - disk free
> cal - useful

useful what? How about useful calander?

> %
> [BTW: I think we should have seperate developer and user mailing lists,
> as
> users probably won't want to join and hear all the discussions we have,
> and the developers probably don't want to be slowed down by users asking
> questions. We should probably keep the dev. list open, tho.]

This wasn't ment as a tip, but a note to the list.

> There's probably more where they came from.


> Ever get stuck in 'vi'? Try pressing Esc, and then typing ":q"

Is it worth repeating tips?

> Want to remotely login to your linux machine from a remote computer? Or
> let
> friends log on? If its not  installed already install telnetserver using
> rpm
> or a graphical rpm program.  Then using the ip address of your computer
> use
> a simple telnet program to connect.

I'd still recommend not recommending the use of telnet. But YMMV.


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