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Re: alright which to review?

> I got X working on the server at my school so I can test out each, =
> however only gnome is installed, no KDE, so i can't review those. =20
> LinNeighborHood
> Gnomba

Both of these are gtk or gnome based.  Gnomba used a brain damaged
method to find Windows boxes who did not scale well (unfortunately I
am in class B network).  Semms latest and greatest Gnomba now uses
normal SMB methods for finding other boxes and has no longer this

> xsmbrowser

THis one I didn't know.

> This are the ones I found on freshmeat. I declined to use Tksmb since it =
> hasn't been updated since 1998. =20

A pity.  It only lacked some days work to become a great browser.  And
samba 2 broke it since TkSmb works by passes the messages of smbmount
and smbclient.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses