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RealPlayer 7.0

OK.  I have installed and tested real player 7 for Linux and it 
absolutely rules.  It works as a plugging for sites like


which don't generally link you directly to the .ram file in Netscape.

Even cooler if you go to a "normal" site 

like http://www.thelinuxshow.com 

it pops up and starts streaming data just the way it should.  Even if
you happen to be browsing with KFM.  That trick of course is managed 
by the 3rd of 3 installation scripts.  The 1st just copies the whole
thing to /usr/local/RealPlayer7 ( you can chose directories ).  The
other two set it up for use with Netscape and with KDE respectively.

Do you think they would let us do an RPM before the stated "partner"
( RedHat ) has a distribution out using it?

All those user settings could by stuffed into /etc/skel and the rest
do just fine where it is now.