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Re: About tips

>> I've been following along with this discussion so far, and I think this
>> Linux tip idea is a really great one. We can implement them exactly as
>> fortunes files, so we don't need any new applications or anything.
>> I suspect an rpm to install the fortunes files in the right places would
>> be handy, though. (Yes, I said files -- I think we should have quite a
>> few files, divided down by category.)

   I also like the category plan.  Add a checkbox config for the tips you

>> And we should have a CGI for people to submit new fortunes, preferably
>> with a set of categories they can choose from. (Somebody volunteered to
>> write this, right? If not, I can whip one together in about 20 minutes.)
>This is defiantly a job for you. :).  You can set it up with a cron
>job that Emails them to me in batches twice a day.  That or have them
>sent on submit.  Which could possibly put me under the Slashdot effect

   I originally proposed two scripts.  One which added hints to a flat text
file, and another which displayed all the hints.  This way, people would
avoid duplication, and Roger would avoid the slashdot effect to his inbox.

>Console basics: ( Things like quitting VI and using Man )
>X ( KDE/Gnome ?) Basics:  Press F1 for help, etc...
>Console tricks: How to change the Colors for LS
>X Tricks: Customizing the desktop.  Setting a movie as the wallpaper.
>Admin details:  How to turn daemons on and off.  Configuring servers.

   One for each X tricks, Window manager specific <KDE Gnome>, console
tricks, shell specific, console administration, window administration,
common tool hints. <vi, emacs, man, nscd>  Have one file give display name,
and path to file, so the config program gives checkboxes for all topics, and
new topics can be added.  This way users can add what they are ready for,
and remove what they have mastered.