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Re: About tips

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> I've been following along with this discussion so far, and I think this
> Linux tip idea is a really great one. We can implement them exactly as
> fortunes files, so we don't need any new applications or anything.
> I suspect an rpm to install the fortunes files in the right places would
> be handy, though. (Yes, I said files -- I think we should have quite a
> few files, divided down by category.)

See below.
> And we should have a CGI for people to submit new fortunes, preferably
> with a set of categories they can choose from. (Somebody volunteered to
> write this, right? If not, I can whip one together in about 20 minutes.)

This is defiantly a job for you. :).  You can set it up with a cron 
job that Emails them to me in batches twice a day.  That or have them 
sent on submit.  Which could possibly put me under the Slashdot effect
> The latest gnome (in the gnome-core package) has a gnome-hint feature,
> which integrates motd, fortune, and gnome-specific hints (hints about how
> to use the gnome environment). I imagine KDE has something similar (if
> so, I believe the hints are KDE-specific? Can somebody answer this?)
> I think the trickiest part of this is going to be designing the categories
> well, and for each category coming up with a clear and precise enough set
> of requirements that it will be crystal clear whether a submission fits
> into a given category or not.
> Kevin, would you like to take a first stab at a list of categories (quite
> small at first, I would think), since you have the most familiarity with
> the sort of content we're going to have?
> --Roger

Console basics: ( Things like quitting VI and using Man )
X ( KDE/Gnome ?) Basics:  Press F1 for help, etc...
Console tricks: How to change the Colors for LS
X Tricks: Customizing the desktop.  Setting a movie as the wallpaper.
Admin details:  How to turn daemons on and off.  Configuring servers.