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Re: About tips

Birger Langkjer wrote:
> En ons 15 mar 2000 16:23:04 skrev Kevin Forge:
> > Roger Dingledine wrote:
> > >
> ..
> > > The latest gnome (in the gnome-core package) has a gnome-hint feature,
> > > which integrates motd, fortune, and gnome-specific hints (hints about how
> > > to use the gnome environment). I imagine KDE has something similar (if
> > > so, I believe the hints are KDE-specific? Can somebody answer this?)
> How do you make a fortune/motd file btw.? GNOME uses an XML file for panel
> hints, but when I tried to make my one file and use it, it merely showed the
> file as one long text.
By default a Fortune file is basically freeform text separated by a
single '%' on a line by itself.  In Mandrake there is also a binary 
file matching each fortune file.  I don't know it's purpose but 
fortune doesn't read a file that isn't accompanied by it.