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Re: About tips

> How do you make a fortune/motd file btw.? GNOME uses an XML file for panel
> hints, but when I tried to make my one file and use it, it merely showed the
> file as one long text.

XML is really fussy, it's not like html/sgml where you can commit all
kinds of attrocities and still have the browser parse it succesfuly. The
idea of XML is that it should be easy for a program to read, and that
makes it harder to write.

Two things to remember -- 
(1) tags are case sensitive, 
(2) if you open a tag, you need to close it, ( in html/sgml you don't )
(3) some xml parsers are even more picky about the file format. Look out
for idiosyncrasies in the GNOME XML files.

Your best bet would be to start with an existing file and use that to roll
your own template.