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leaving the project - finishing up loose ends

Dear people,

As you can read in my sig, I have plans to change my mail address soon.
While this is not sure at the moment, it does give me a good reason to
tidy up some things.

As part of this, I will be leaving Independence. My reasons are, that my
personal interests in Linux distribution idealism only partly overlap
the interests of Independence on this matter, and that because of that
my enthousiasm is small.

This does not mean that I think you do a bad job or whatsoever, only
that I know to deceide for myself when things should come to an end.

As part of this decision, I want to finish up some loose ends. Actually
they're about two of the three things I've ever done for Indy, and I
don't even know if these things had results :-))

1) Squeak

Yup, here I go again :-)) Squeak RPMs are still available from
http://members.xoom.com/Pflipp/projects/squeak.html . I believe that
they are not yet part of Indy, are they? I don't find them back on the

Please let me know what your plans are with this. Can I leave the
maintenance to you, or should I maybe maintain these packages
"independent of independence"? Please let me know so that I can let the
Squeak folks know where they can find their new packages in the future.
This because they are also very interested in these packages, and the
RPMs are also available via their FTP, so they will need to know where
new packages will be found in the future.

If you think I can maintain them seperately from Indy, but you will take
the results as part of you distro, then also let me know that (because I
might have plans to switch to a non-RPM based distro, and then I would
hand over maintenance).

(Please note that I don't try to do "important" about such small amount
of work as making 3 packages, but just want to know what I can promise

2) VNCServer

When I tried to clean up my account on cranleigh, I found that a
modified vncserver script was still available from
http://independence.seul.org/~stefan . This because the VNC stuff I
installed from Indy had a few typo-errors in the vncserver script.

Is this bugfixed script already included? Otherwise users won't be able
to run vncserver.

Appendix A) General issues.

Except for the VNCServer script, there is nothing in my ~ dir on
cranleigh. So if the VNC stuff is done, you can wipe me out eventually.

I would like to remain on this mailing list until the loose ends are
really finished.

OK, that's all.

Good luck from here,

Due to the new advertisement policies of softhome.net, I am
looking for a new email address. If I change, you will find
my new address in this signature.
If you want to be informed ASAP, mail me at my old address.