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Re: leaving the project - finishing up loose ends

> Dear people,
> As you can read in my sig, I have plans to change my mail address soon.
> While this is not sure at the moment, it does give me a good reason to
> tidy up some things.
> As part of this, I will be leaving Independence. My reasons are, that my
> personal interests in Linux distribution idealism only partly overlap
> the interests of Independence on this matter, and that because of that
> my enthousiasm is small.

> 1) Squeak
> Yup, here I go again :-)) Squeak RPMs are still available from
> http://members.xoom.com/Pflipp/projects/squeak.html . I believe that
> they are not yet part of Indy, are they? I don't find them back on the
> ftp.

They will be.  I will download them today.

> Please let me know what your plans are with this. Can I leave the
> maintenance to you, or should I maybe maintain these packages
> "independent of independence"? Please let me know so that I can let the
> Squeak folks know where they can find their new packages in the future.
> This because they are also very interested in these packages, and the
> RPMs are also available via their FTP, so they will need to know where
> new packages will be found in the future.

I will maintain them.
> Is this bugfixed script already included? Otherwise users won't be able
> to run vncserver.

I am interested on those bugfixes where can I get them?

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses