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Indy (beta?)

Are we shooting for a beta release of Indy on this round (6.2beta??)??

The reason I put this question forward is because of some of the recent
changes in the Linux community since the release of RH6.2beta.

1) XFree86-4.0 has been released and I downloaded and compiled from
source before the binaries were released and have been running it ever
since with no major problems. Do we want to include it? No other distro
has yet. We would be first.

2) Daily RPM builds for the KDE 2 alpha have been released and the KDE 2
code base has been frozen. Only bug fixes allowed at this point. Most
reports a have read are fairly good. There are still a few problems to
be worked out. Again, we would be the first.

3) Add Donovan's fonts, Indialer and the Tips we have been talking about.
(Plus anything else I may have missed).

We could inplement the Indy changes to these new releases and just
release Indy as beta. I know that XFree86-4.0 currently does not support
all of the cards that 3.3.6 dose, but this release will be beta and not
for everyone. But we could get something out the door and get ready our
stable release when KDE and XFree are more stable and other ideas are


R.G. Mayhue