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Re: Indy (beta?)

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, R.G. Mayhue wrote:

> Are we shooting for a beta release of Indy on this round (6.2beta??)??

I'd hope so (-; We really want to be on CD. It's psychologically bad for
us not to be. Speaking for myself, it's the main reason I slacked off. We
need to get *something* on CD.

> 1) XFree86-4.0 has been released and I downloaded and compiled from
> source before the binaries were released and have been running it ever
> since with no major problems. Do we want to include it? No other distro
> has yet. We would be first.

Does it work with all cards ? This is one problem. Another issue is that
it is *difficult* to configure, because Redhat's XConfigurator doesn't
work with it yet ( unless someone can hack at it ).

> 2) Daily RPM builds for the KDE 2 alpha have been released and the KDE 2
> code base has been frozen. 

I believe the APIs are frozen.

> Only bug fixes allowed at this point. Most
> reports a have read are fairly good. 

I find it usable but there are some stupid bugs at least with the one I'm
using. For example, the logout button doesn't work. 

> 3) Add Donovan's fonts, Indialer and the Tips we have been talking about.
> (Plus anything else I may have missed).

Those Microsoft fonts are really good. ( as opposed to my ones which are 
basically cheap adobe knockoffs ) 

We should, IMO, investigate the
possibility of adding the gratis MS fonts. if we can't do this, we should
write a little program that downloads and installs them. ( I could do this

THere are some other nice tweaks we could include , such as tweaking the
ghostscript Fontmap so that it automatically works with the MS font

BTW, I am trying to learn C and python to make myself more useful (-;