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Re: Indy 6.?

   I need to ask a basic question.  the Distribution links on the site
   point to Indy
   6.0-0.8.  Yet I see on the ftp site an Indy 6.1-0.8 is the 6.1 stable
   useable -
   complete?  Or should the links be pointing to Indy 6.1-0.8?
   As I understand this proposed beta is based on RedHat 6.2 beta??  So
   what is the

Until now I waited for the definitive release of the big guys and then
this release crossing the atlantic before beginning to integrate
Indy's features in it.  But that meant distribs tended to complete
only aabout a month before RedHat released the new one.  So this time
we decided not to complete 6.1 but go for 6.2 taking the beta as base.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence:  Linux for the masses