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Re: Indy (beta?)

> On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, rgm wrote:
> > For instance, opening any application from the menu results in konsole
> > being opened first and if you try to close konsole the app is killed as
> > if you opened it from within konsole at the command line. 
> Sounds like RH screwed up. I am using KDE 2 and I don't have that
> happening here.

It si a beta and we are Indy not RH.  :-)

> > Kppp cannot be
> > opened as any other user but root. 
> This is not KPPP-proper, as you've correctly observed. Once you install
> KPPP-proper, you have no such trouble.
> > It seems that kppp is symlinked to a
> > program called "consolehelper"(??).
> Correct. They did this as early as 6.1. They link KPPP to a GNOME app
> basically. WTF ???????  What next, kpanel -> /usr/bin/panel ? hmmm ...

consolehelper is not a gnome but a gtk application.  Its purpose is to
control access rights for users sitting at the console.  For
instance you could want allow people at the console to shutdown the box:
it makes no sense to deprive them of this right since they can
shutdown the box by simply powering it off.  Alternatively you can ask
for a password or quite simply give these rights only to selected
users.  Console helper runs programs as root but only when it is happy
about who is using the program, where he is (typically at console)
and what is being used.  It is far more flexible and secure than
spreading setuid roots everywhere.

It works by having symlinks to it for the programs you want to run and
a pam entry detailing where is the real executable and what are the
conditions for running them (as root).

There is a point I don't understand: why RH links it against graphic

> KDE 2 mostly works from here. The version I'm using is just over a month
> old.
> BTW, I added Kword to the font HOWTO. The most important thing to do to
> get WYSIWYG printing working in kword is ship a decent fontmap with
> ghostscript. I suggest we send a tweaked fontmap. In the HOWTO, there's a
> "Fontmap.m"s file that can be appended to the ghostscript Fontmap that wil
> make the MS TTfonts collection print with Kword and ghostscript.

Could you manage this please?

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses