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Re: Indy (beta?)

On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, rgm wrote:

> For instance, opening any application from the menu results in konsole
> being opened first and if you try to close konsole the app is killed as
> if you opened it from within konsole at the command line. 

Sounds like RH screwed up. I am using KDE 2 and I don't have that
happening here.

> Kppp cannot be
> opened as any other user but root. 

This is not KPPP-proper, as you've correctly observed. Once you install
KPPP-proper, you have no such trouble.

> It seems that kppp is symlinked to a
> program called "consolehelper"(??).

Correct. They did this as early as 6.1. They link KPPP to a GNOME app
basically. WTF ???????  What next, kpanel -> /usr/bin/panel ? hmmm ...

KDE 2 mostly works from here. The version I'm using is just over a month

BTW, I added Kword to the font HOWTO. The most important thing to do to
get WYSIWYG printing working in kword is ship a decent fontmap with
ghostscript. I suggest we send a tweaked fontmap. In the HOWTO, there's a
"Fontmap.m"s file that can be appended to the ghostscript Fontmap that wil
make the MS TTfonts collection print with Kword and ghostscript.