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Re: XFree 4

On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> In order to integrate XFree 4 we would have notr only to hack
> Xconfigurator but also the install itself both when it builds an X
> config for normal use that when it builds one dynamically in order to
> allow running the install ingraphic mode.
The XFree86 -configure command line option works fairly well, but it is
somewhat lacking and console only. The format of the XF86Config file
has been changed but Xconfigurator could probably be hacked to produce
the new format.

As far as how the installer dynamically building the XF86Conifg for the
install??? I've never looked at it, but your right, I believe it would
need to be changed for the installer to function unless we hack it to
still use the current config. Doesn't it use the VGA16 server?

R.G. Mayhue