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Re: Indy (beta?)

I think I messed up by not doing this before, but I've installed the
entire RH 6.2b release. KDE is all messed up in this release. There are
almost as many problems as in KDE 2.0 alpha. From the looks of it RH
included some of the KDE 2.0 development tree. Not a lot, but enough to
really confuse things. (Gnome works of coarse?!?)

For instance, opening any application from the menu results in konsole
being opened first and if you try to close konsole the app is killed as
if you opened it from within konsole at the command line. Kppp cannot be
opened as any other user but root. It seems that kppp is symlinked to a
program called "consolehelper"(??).

So in my opinion I say we try KDE 2.0. I really think I can get a good
working version going. If I fail, we fall back to the current Indy
RPMS. I would not recomend using the mess in RH 6.2 they call KDE.

R.G. Mayhue

P.S. > The spell checker is *&^%$ up to!