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Re: Indy (beta?)

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> BTW, I added Kword to the font HOWTO. The most important thing to do to
> get WYSIWYG printing working in kword is ship a decent fontmap with
> ghostscript. I suggest we send a tweaked fontmap. In the HOWTO, there's a
> "Fontmap.m"s file that can be appended to the ghostscript Fontmap that wil
> make the MS TTfonts collection print with Kword and ghostscript.

Ohh... LinuxWorld has an article up about some travails with XF86 4 and
a little howto on getting X to use the 100 DPI fonts.  


I did it and it works.  now I am going to modify those instructions 
and see if they make the computer use the TTFs.