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Re: Adding helix to Indy

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> Yesterday I added to Indy the version of Gnome like shipped by Helix
> as this is newer version and looks nicer and more stable than the
> version shipped in RedHAt 6.2 beta.
Great, I was going to suggest that. 

On another note, I have almost completed the RPM's for the KDE 2.0 
alpha release. I have entered into a test with Christopher Molnar at 
kde-alpha@nebsllc.com where by he will be providing me the daily KDE 
2.0 updates using rsync so as to keep an "up to date" copy of the Indy 
KDE 2.0 RPM's on hand until we release.

I have installed the current build of KDE 2.0 alpha on my Red Hat 6.2b 
installation in place of the 1.2 release and it is working fairly well. 
Chris says that major changes are being made on a daily basis as they 
get ready for the 2.0 release, so I expect better results by then.

BTW Jean, what was changed in kdebase-1.1.2-10_Indy.i386.rpm to make it 
"Indy" specfic? I have not bothered to check, so I thought that I might 

I am currently building the XFree86-4.0 RPM's and looking at the source 
of Xconfigurator.

R.G. Mayhue