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Re: RedHat 6.2

He read your post, he knows that it's out.  He's now focusing on what we want 
to do with Independence....  Should we stay with XFree 3.3.6 or move to XFree 
4.  If we go to XFree 4, do we put out a beta version based on 3.3.6 to get 
it into the market.  

Personally...I think we should skip 3.3.6 and go straight to 4.  You need to 
think how realistic it is for us to be putting this on cd and selling it 
right now.  How many people are going to buy an "off" brand (one they've 
never heard of yet)?  Is it going to be enough to warrant a beta based on 
3.3.6?  I think we need to concentrate more on spreading out name around, 
getting it put up on Linux.org and other linux web sites.  See how much 
trafic we draw to our web site.  Maybe have a survey of how many people want 
have it on cd.  Once we get a higher demand than just our group, then maybe 
we should go to selling Indy.  Any ideas?

Max DiOrio