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Re: Custom install guide

> I have written the beginning of a guide to package selection which helps
> newbies decide which of the package groups they wish to install.
> It is at 
> http://cran.seul.org/~donovan/packages.html
> Comments welcome ( especially from new users ) 
> I can possibly churn out something vaguely similar for the "individual
> packages", but I am currently having doubts as to the cost(time) / benifit
> ratio. 

I doubt still more: packages provide their own descrptions, some of
them can be unclear but changing them requuires a massive rebuilding.

> Meanwhile, I had some unresolved issues: 
> *	is there any way we can get an exact list of which RPMs are in
> which of the installation groups ? I pretty much know what all of the RPMs
> do, but I am not clear on a few of the "groups".

Look in the Independence/base/comps file in the distrib on the FTP
site.  Each component should be self cointained that is include every
RPM providing dependencies for the main packeges except for those in
the Base component.

> *	What the hell is "Dos / Windows connectivity" ? It looks like it
> is not ( contrary to what I thought ) SAMBA or MARS_NWE which are in
> seperate packages. Any thoughts ? 
> *	What is the "network management workstation" ? 


> *	My guess is that the "Networked workstation" includes components
> that you need if you connect via an ethernet card. Is this correct ? 

I don't remember

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses