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Re: Custom install guide

Firstly, I noticed something in the comps file : 

"Network workstation" and "Server" are there with the "--hide" flag. A
thought: we could resolve the issue Kevin raised ( that some people want
to partition manually but accept the workstation/server installs ). Maybe
we could remove the hide flag so these become available in the
"components" menu ? 

Also, I have some ideas about some possible mods to the "Workstation"
selection. I'll hack at the comps file and maybe some brave soul with
diskspace to burn can try it (-; I'll leave out the --hide flag so that
you don't need to pick the "Workstation" install ( ie just check the
"homestation" box or whatever I call it.

On Sat, 1 May 1999, JF Martinez wrote:

> I doubt still more: packages provide their own descrptions, some of
> them can be unclear but changing them requuires a massive rebuilding.

Yeah, I guess we drop individual package selection as a "supported"
concept , huh ? it's a bad idea, and there are better improvements we can

> Look in the Independence/base/comps file in the distrib on the FTP
> site.  Each component should be self cointained that is include every
> RPM providing dependencies for the main packeges except for those in
> the Base component.

Oh, I see. I've had a look at it and it doesn't look so bad.


Ah huh

> > *	My guess is that the "Networked workstation" includes components
> > that you need if you connect via an ethernet card. Is this correct ? 
> I don't remember

Looks like a whole swag of stuff you'd want on anything hooked up via an
ethernet (-;