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Re: KwinTV

>I have uploaded KwinTV and a videodevs (needed for KwinTV) to
>experimental.  This is for the "fun" part in the distrib.
> Jean Francois Martinez

OK Jean, but what do it do. I'll ask, I'm too lazy to go looking.

It would be nice to have descriptions of what programs are supposed to do
for the user described when mentioned by anyone. Not to make you feel
uncomfortable, Jean, it is just for us lazy newbies.

I have yet to install Red Hat 5.2, may darn HD gave out and I am left with
enough room on the old reliable noisy one that is able to hold windoze 98
and a few programs. I'll do away with the MS stuff as soon as I get more
familiarized with Linux. If Maxtor would just cooperate by making reliable
drives, second time I have had it go bonkers. Spend more time reinstalling
stuff than I should. I got everything backed up this time.