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Re: Newbie Idea

On Sun, 2 May 1999, Kevin Sproul wrote:

> 1 : Set up the disk ( Partitioning, format etc...  Includes adding
>  mount points for DOS partitions etc... 	

this could be done automatically as with "workstation" install.

Are you suggesting that we make the user go through the partitioning
manually ? this isn't a bad idea for advanced users, but for beginners, it
creates extra work.

> 2 : Select weather it will be a caned install or a choose my own 

once you remove the partitioning, there is a thin line between the two.

What we could have is some extra components; instead of just one that
says "everything", we could add our "funstation" and "workstation" etc to
the list. btw I am hacking the comps file. 

> 	a : Server
> 	b : Desktop
> 	c : Install everything
> 	d : Choose categories

it's probably easier to have the "Server", "Desktop", and "Install
everything" options on the same screen as the categories, since this
wouldn't require hacking the install program ( only the comps file ). 

OTOH, if there's any programmer in the audience who can make minor tweaks
to the install, then we can consider this.

-- Donovan