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Re: Newbie Idea

Kevin Sproul wrote:

> > The canned "server" install clears *all* partitions ( the people choosing
> > the server install shouldn't be dual-booting anyway ... )
> Nope.  A friend of mine cried for 2 hours when Mandrake did this to
> his Machine.  Why ?  It is his main box and he primarily plays on it.
> He had Netware, NT-S, NT-W, Win-95 and 2 other Linux installations on
> the system.

This was a concern that I hadn't had a chance to address.  I see automatic
partition clearing/disk formatting as a retrograde movement for installers,
especially for something as good as Linux.  I haven't had this problem in about
8 years when a problem with DOS forced me to re-install - and trash everything
on my hard drive with no warning!  We want to be better than MS, not just as
bad as they used to be (are?) :-).

Brian Wiens