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Re: Newbie Idea

Kevin Sproul wrote:

> Here is my logical sequence of installation steps.
> 1 : Set up the disk ( Partitioning, format etc...  Includes adding
>  mount points for DOS partitions etc...
> 2 : Select weather it will be a caned install or a choose my own
>  files thing.
>         a : Server
>         b : Desktop
>         c : Install everything
>         d : Choose categories
>         e : Select individual packages
> 3 : depends on the choice in 2 and may be nothing or a further
>  selection screen
> 4 : device setup ( detection and selection of all things )
> 5 : Copy files while you play Tetris or configure usernames,
>  ip addresses, PPP etc...
> 6 : Reboot.  That should be all.

I like this approach.  I have two comments.  First, under item 2, the first two
choices are mutually exclusive, as are the last three (within each group) but
you should be able to choose a server/everything or server/categories or etc
install.  Second, in three, if a category install is chosen, we might want to
have "super categories" that select things like Multimedia/Games (picks up all
the game packages, the sound apps, Gimp, etc) and other related types of

Brian Wiens