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Re: Newbie Idea

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Charles C. Bennett, Jr. wrote:

> provide a reference implementation of this new model.  Ideally such
> a distribution should be "tailor made" for systems OEMs interested in
> shipping lots of boxes without lots of headaches.

Now you're getting into a slightly different issue. SOme things to point
out about OEM shipments:

*	OEMs can ship software that we can't ship, such as Star Office,
Word Perfect, etc.

*	The OEM already knows what hardware the user has. This is an
*enormous* advantage when it comes to configuring things like
automounting, video, mouse, etc.

*	The linux hardware shops already do a decent job at
preconfiguring a linux machine. IOW, we won't help users that much by
doing what the linux hardware shops are already doing quite well.
When the Dells of the world start doing linux, they'll probably also do
some customisation ( ie add Office software, ssh, and a bunch of other
stuff not on the usual CD ... ) 

-- Donovan