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Re: A few thoughts...

On Thu, 6 May 1999, Sharp, Lee wrote:

>    Next, I have been doing work on the AutoDocs in Windows.  <I know...
> Sue me.>  Mainly because I have a WYSIWYG HTML editor on it.  

WYSIWYG editors are a nice idea, but a lot of them 
suffer a lot of drawbacks. The main one is URL-munging. ( nb: webtk does
not appear to URL munge ! ) 

For example, if I want all my pages to reference the URLs in this format: 


most of these editors munge it into a relative path. Relative paths are
quite bad, because they make the site less maintainable.  for example, if
you want the same header/footer on each page, it's impossible, because
the URLs depend on the document's directory. 

This is probably why microsoft.com , excite.com , sun.com , to name a
few, go for absoute paths.
The only disadvantage of absolute paths is that it requires you to run
a local webserver. However, Windows ships with a webserver that should 
do just fine ( MS personal webserver. I will check it out soon ... ) 

> I know
> there are some for Linux.  Seeing how everyone thinks the web IS the
> internet anyway, shouldn't we include one?  Note:  If we have, our
> pointer system needs help, because I can't find it. :-)

We have two. Netscape composer, and webtk. Webtk is currently in the
experimental section, and will be included in 0.2
WEbTk is OK for most things. Unfortunately it lacks wysiwyg tables.
Otherwise it's fine.

-- Donovan