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A few thoughts...

   I have been doing a report on Y2K at work the last few days.  It has
me thinking about Linux, and Inde...  I know we are Y2K, but a lot of
user systems are not.  Many will have date rollover problems in the
BIOS.  The official answer from a few distribs is "just leave it on."
:-)  Obviously, this won't work for the home user.  So, I thought about
NTP to correct it each time a network connection was brought up.  But
Y2K rollover problems knock the date off by years, which is far more
than that 30 minute window NTP offers.  Any thoughts?

   Next, I have been doing work on the AutoDocs in Windows.  <I know...
Sue me.>  Mainly because I have a WYSIWYG HTML editor on it.  I know
there are some for Linux.  Seeing how everyone thinks the web IS the
internet anyway, shouldn't we include one?  Note:  If we have, our
pointer system needs help, because I can't find it. :-)