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RE: Thoughts on Redhat 6.0

>>    I think we should rebuild for 6.0 as soon as possible, but still
>> call it a beta until we have a chance to bang on it, and finish docs
>> for 6.0.1 instead of 5.2.1...  Integrating all our changes will take
>> long enough to find the biggest bugs anyway.
>My vote is for going 6.0.  There are many things I want: 2.2, TT
>support, booting into XDM, KDE 1.1.1 (instead of our 1.1), Gnome (yes
>it is stable), plus improvements into the install.  Of course I am not
>proposing releasing Indy 0.2 five minutes after RedHat, we will let
>them fix their worse bugs before releasing.  Fortunately they tend to
>be fast at this.
>Problem I have is that everything I built against glibc2.0 would be
>better recompiled against glibc 2.1.  By the way I am reluctant to
>build and load things I will have to reload later so until I get 6.0 I
>will write programs for easiing the maintenance of the distrib,
>nonarch thingies and take a serious look at the install.  Plus the
>ever fun thing of replacing RedHat by Independence except on a couple
>places and this for every language known to man and alien.
>Tonight I will purge the site of what has been obsoleted by 2.2.  That
>includes our present KDE (due to the fact it will use a different C++
>library) and every K app but I will reload a new version as soon as I
>am able to get 6.0: I still think ours was better.  :-)

   So you will be rebuilding the FTP site around 6.0 and adding our
packages?  Before you have 6.0?  Your good!  What will it take to "get
you 6.0?"  I have a CD here, and an ISO on my hard drive.  I can e-mail
it, or Fed-Ex it...  As the top guy, you need to cool toys first. :-)