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Re: New Creative Page

> >>    I found a new page on the Creative Lab web site.  I gues the SB Live
> >> works, maby.  Do we want to include it?
> > 
> >> 			Lee
> >
> >> http://developer.soundblaster.com/linux/
> >
> >In fact I already tried to go there searching the driver for Voodoo
> >Banshee.  Ubfortunately there were bandwidth problems.
> >
> >-- 
> >			Jean Francois Martinez
>    Allow me... :-)  ftp://snow.peakusa.com/pub/Drivers/  I have both
> there.  The Banshee and the Voodoo3 use the same driver, but the Banshee
> support is much more mature.
> 			Lee

It would be a real bonus to have Banshee support in the distrib.  Now
does someone have this card in order to check what has to be done for
decent game performance?  Vanilla Mesa is apalingly slow.  I have
heard it is very fast when using Glide and a Mesa compiled for it but
Glide cannot be distributed and in addition programs using it must be
setuid root so the question is if it is possible to use the rush libs
and what good they do.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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