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Re: QNX RTOS? (Apologies for off-topic!)

At 06:56 PM 10/05/99 +0500, you wrote:
>My dear old mom sent me a clipping describing the QNX RTOS, which with a
>GUI, an internet browser (with JavaScript, frames and animated GIF
>support), and a dialer, is claimed to fit on one HD floppy.
>I did the "Floppy challenge" and downloaded their zipped file from 
>The downloading, unzipping and floppy installation seemed to go
>flawlessly but produced nothing that would boot either of my fairly
>ordinary 200MHz Pentium PCs.  Not surprisingly, it didn't put any files
>on the floppy that Windoze recognized, either.
>Have any of you tried the process with better results?

I first tried this about a year ago. It worked flawlessly then, maybe they
changed something in the download file, or (more likely) you have a bad
floppy disk. 

And yes, it does everything they claim and then some. Looks very
impressive. Unfortunately,  it's also quite commercial -- meaning no pay,
no play. When I talked to them (a year ago) they weren't interested in
anything outside scientific/large-commercial operations. Rumour has it QNX
has been chosen as the core for the new Amiga OS and I anticipate it will
perform exceptionally well.