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Re: A proposal for a logo

Just a thought
How about Tux posing as the Statue of liberty ( this was a gift from the French I
think :)
Maybe the torch could be burning M/S material ...... he he....  or setting fire to
Mr B G's coat tails ....


JF Martinez wrote:

> What if we designed a logo for Indy?  My own idea is to associate one of the
> universal symbols of freedom with the Linux penguin.  The following would not
> be too bad if we replace the french flag with a Penguin banner.  It is a part
> of "La liberte guidant le peuple" by Eugene Delacroix.  Of course you are free
> to think I have a really bad taste for logos and propose your own.  :-)
>                         Jean Francois Martinez
> Project Independence: Linux for the Masses
> http://www.independence.seul.org
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>                          Name: liberty3.jpg
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>                      Encoding: base64
>                   Description: liberty3.jpg