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Re: Logo

> I've been trying to remember the rest of the picture, bare breasted? That'd
> draw them in!

The picture represents a woman leading a mob.  Some dead soldiers are
lying in front of her.  The woman is unusually tall (like greek
goddesses) so it is probably not a real woman but the goddess of
Freedom.  The woman is bare breasted and carries a rifle in one hand
and the French Republic's flag in the other.

A logo using a bare breasted woman would be offensive for some people
and in some countries.  Dressing her would attract flak due to
censoring the picture

Ah!  The picture is not about the taking of the Bastille (to begin
with the tricolor flag was still not invented) so please don't shoot
about Robespierre and guillotine.  It is about the 1830 revolution
and there was no bloodshed outside of the three day riots.

> Down to earth? Linux is still above me yet, I'm a slow learner, no mythology
> please, I still remember the big "F" on that test.
> A UN flag? Probably draw a lot of flack as well. Got to have a penguin

UN is not a body representing humankind but a body representing states
and is as good as the majority of them.

> somewhere in there, it does have meaning for a lot of people, frustration
> for me :)

The Penguin is the Linux logo.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses