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Re: Logo

>The picture represents a woman leading a mob.  Some dead soldiers are
>lying in front of her.  The woman is unusually tall (like greek
>goddesses) so it is probably not a real woman but the goddess of
>Freedom.  The woman is bare breasted and carries a rifle in one hand
>and the French Republic's flag in the other.

Ah yes, I remember the rest of the picture, painting.

>A logo using a bare breasted woman would be offensive for some people
>and in some countries.  Dressing her would attract flak due to
>censoring the picture

Probably. I wont quote Abe Lincoln, about pleasing all the people etc. . .

>UN is not a body representing humankind but a body representing states
>and is as good as the majority of them.

True. Though it would be nice to think that the states are representative of
the people. Dream on!

>The Penguin is the Linux logo.

Is it copywrited?

I suppose what bugs me about the logo you propose is the woman with the
rifle and the dead bodies. You brought the picture back to mind vividly.
Will a small banner do? 'Linux for all' or something to that effect?

Unimaginative, Bud