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Re: QNX RTOS? (Apologies for off-topic!)

     I tried the "QNX floppy challenge" on my box (dual P200) and had no
problems with it, tho I suspect that it was only using one processor.
For a single floppy, it was pretty impressive. I can hardly wait to see
what I can coax out of a single linux floppy once I have more time on my
hands to play with the bootdisk and bootprompt howtos.

> I did the "Floppy challenge" and downloaded their zipped file from
> http://www.qnx.com/.
> The downloading, unzipping and floppy installation seemed to go
> flawlessly but produced nothing that would boot either of my fairly
> ordinary 200MHz Pentium PCs.  Not surprisingly, it didn't put any files
> on the floppy that Windoze recognized, either.
     Nor should it. These should be bootable images. Are you using Win95
or WinNT to do the disk writing?



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