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Re: [Re: A proposal for a logo]

> >KEVIN Forge wrote:
> >>
> >> Using any particular nations flag is a bad idea.  France has enimies too
> :).
> >
> >Yes, but the French revolution is universally known
> >as one in which the people overthrew the status quo.
> >
> >I like the idea of the penguin wearing the liberty cap, with a
> >tricolor on it.  The colors are both French and American (and
> >British too).
> >
> >Leaving one breast hanging out would be gratuitous, however :-)

Please don't forget they are ladies reading.  :-)

> Penguins wear bras?
> Couldn't resist.

According to most scientists penguins like other birds don't need them
except for she-penguins acting in "Baywatch".  Sorry I couldn't resist too.

Now these are nice ideas but is someone willing to _make_ a logo?

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses