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Re: Creative Labs+ Mpeg decoding

> > Second: This afternoon I saw someone watching an Mpeg movie under
> > Windows.  It was full screen and animation was fluid but when trying
> > to view it under Linux using aktion on identical hardware I was only
> > able to get a stamp sized image, under 1 frame per second and in
> What software did that person used on Windows. I know some card
> manufacturers like ATI have a custom player that can use hardware to greatly
> improve the playing of mpeg. Those resources vary from card to card and if I
> am not mistaken, not much available under Linux yet.

Don't have the slightest idea.  I guess she used the software on the
CD (it was on a movie's magazine) and it also happens that house
policy is not provide any special drivers (we don't even have sound
drivers) so if using that special ATI software required installing it
as a driver then she was not using it because she has not
administrative rights.

But the pointt is that at least for Mpeg Aktion is nearly unusable for
Mpegs and that there are several Linux players that are > ten times

By the way Lokigames has two GPLed profucts; a library for reading
what they call MJPEG (seems to be a simplified version of MPEG) and a
real MPEG reader that is light years ahead of aktion.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses