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Re: independence-l spam

At 09:34 AM 04/11/99 -0500, you wrote:
>This guy has been spamming seul people lately. Now I guess he's moved to
>lists. I've changed independence-l so it only accepts posts from valid

Not just SEUL, GRASS-L which is on a different server as well. The posts
originate from a dialup account in Australia , then to a compuserve
machine, and then to you, with perhaps a few more hops in between.
Apparently a script is invoked which puts the previous poster on the list
in the ReplyTo:, changes case of the To: name, and puts your domain in the
middle of the message (the "addy" line).

The sysadmin in Australia has been contacted and is hot on the trail of
this spammer. Hopefully s/he should be shut down in the next couple of days.

Please don't 'spam' the list by posting to the list about the spamming
you've recieved -- often the discussion/reaction surrounding the spam
attack has much more volume (in terms of kb transferred) than the
instigating messages. As I noted previously, this particular spammer should
be shut down shortly. 

If however a few days go by and you still recieve messages from this guy,
forward the message with complete headers to postmaster@seul.org.

---now back to your regularily scheduled programming---