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Re: Indy CD

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On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Dragon To Be Monoceros wrote:

> Hi,
> Just wondering if you'd managed to sort out your problems with getting
> Indy to recognize your CD drive. Did Jean's reply and mine help you?
> If you are still having problems let me know and I'll try and help
> some more.

I am still having problems, and today I finally got 'round to booting up
the install disk, and copying down exactly what I did, and copying down
the logs telling me exactly what the computer did (or in this case tried
to do).

What I did:

I booted using a floppy disk with the boot.img on it.
at the prompt I pressed <enter>, and got a blue screen saying Welcome to
Inde... I hit 'Ok', chose language english; keyboard type uk;
installation method, local CDROM; I put the inde cd in the drive and hit

I selected 'Other CDROM' and hit 'Ok'.

 Which Driver? I picked 'Optics Storage 8000', then autoprobe, and got
error message: "I can't find the device anywhere on your system!"

I hit enter and tried again with same driver, but this time I opted to
specify the options. 
Module options:
	Base IO port: optcd=0x320
I then got error: "Mount failed: Input/Output error" and then: "I could
not mount a CD on device /dev/optcd" and got dropped back into the
installation method dialog box.
Log file 1 (from tty3 @ Alt-F3)

* welcome to Independence install (first step, version 6.0 built Sep 13
1999 00:48:14)
* welcome to Independence install (first step, version 6.0 built Sep 13
1999 00:48:14)
* 65 keymaps avaliable
* using keymap uk
* loaded 9 keymap tables
* /proc/scsi/scsi: attached device: none

* no scsi devices are avaliable
* in loadDevice Driver, ks = 0, typeName = Cdrom
* picked driver Optics Storage 8000
* running: /bin/insmod /bin/insmod /modules/optcd.o
* insmod failed!
[That was when the autoprobe failed]
* picked driver Optics Storage 8000
* running: /bin/insmod /bin/insmod /modules/optcd.o optcd=0x320
* mounting optcd on /tmp/rhimage as type iso9660
* creating directory /tmp/rhimage rc=0 [or maybe that was an 'o'!]
* calling mount (/tmp/optcd, /tmp/rhimage, iso9660, -1058209791, (nil))
[Then after I clicked of on the "could not mount a cd on ..." message:]
* running: /bin/rmmod /bin/rmmod optcd

And the relevent part of log 2 [tty4 @ Alt-F4]:
<3> optcd: unknown drive detected; aborting
[I guess this is the autoprobe]
<6> optcd: Device DOLPHIN REV P1.12 12-21-93 detected
<6> optcd: no disk or door open
<6> optcd: module release

(just to check, the cd WAS in the drive, and the drive bay was shut (but
my bedroom door was open, if that means anything!:))

I also tried it again with the redhat 5.2 cd in the drive (using the inde
install, just to see if there was a problem with the blue inde disc which
cause the mount to fail), but I got the same errors (on all three

TIA for any help, I appriciate it.

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