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Re: truetype

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Civileme wrote:

> Ummmm,  One very important exception.
> StarOffice, the bloated monster that it is, is still a very attractive deal to Linux
> Users looking for functionality similar to MS Office.  Now that it is free(of
> monetary cost) and redistributable on a limited basis, it is even more attractive.
> MIght not be a bad idea to bundle TrueType->Type 1 conversion software to
> accommodate additional fonts for (especially) StarWriter.  We can hope this

This will only help if the converted fonts are usable by star writer,
which is picky about the fonts it can use ( it needs afm files ). Has
anyone had success with such a conversion ?

BTW, Applixware has been able to do this internally for more than two
years ...