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Re: truetype

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Civileme wrote:
> > Ummmm,  One very important exception.
> >
> > StarOffice, the bloated monster that it is, is still a very attractive deal to Linux
> > Users looking for functionality similar to MS Office.  Now that it is free(of
> > monetary cost) and redistributable on a limited basis, it is even more attractive.
> > MIght not be a bad idea to bundle TrueType->Type 1 conversion software to
> > accommodate additional fonts for (especially) StarWriter.  We can hope this
> This will only help if the converted fonts are usable by star writer,
> which is picky about the fonts it can use ( it needs afm files ). Has
> anyone had success with such a conversion ?
> BTW, Applixware has been able to do this internally for more than two
> years ...
> Donovan

Speaking of Office suites.  The _whole_ KOffice compiles from CVS for
the last week or so.  All of it runs.  Most of it is useable.  This 
is quite an achievement considering that Corba ( on which KOffice used 
to depend heavily ) was ripped kicking and screaming from the source 
tree less than a month ago.

This is what scares MS most.  Small, fast, free, functional.