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Re: Logo and text

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, JF Martinez wrote:

> The technical ones is that the <em> mark in not very goodfor
> emphasizing so I guess it would be better to use the <bd> mark in
> several places, particularly for the "we need YOU" part

This is *NOT* true. Since we are using css, we can make <em> mean
*whatever we want it to mean*. If you'd like me to fix the stylesheet so
that the <em> tag does something different, I can do that. <em> is for
mild emphasis, <strong> is more forceful.

Secondly, <bd> is not a real tag. <B> which you were probably thinking of
is a physical markup tag which you should not use. The appropriate tag to
use instead ( for forceful emphasis ) is <STRONG>