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Re: Logo and text - revised

> <p>We want Linux to become <STRONG>the</STRONG> dominant operating system.  But
> this will not happen if Linux continues to be a system for an elite, such as, a
> system that depends upon the past, UNIX. Linux has made significant inroads
> towards being an operating system for the desktop and the
> personal computer, but not enough. Indy Linux, with help from many, can be the
> OS of choice.</p>

Here you start well but you begin bashing Unix, my text only implied
that for reaching Joe User we were on our own.

> <p>
> Independence is <STRONG>not</STRONG> a commercial distribution. Indy is
> striving to be a distribution which is built by volunteers who are willing
> to shun UNIX and think Linux.</p>

Indy is not developped commercially, but I hope one day we will be
distributed this way.  You cannot reach general public without this.
So we should not look _anti_ commercial while looking different of the
dozens of distribs who have been popping up daily.

> <H3>UNIX</H3>
> <ul>
> <li>UNIX was never designed to be used at home.
> <li>UNIX has not considered that users would use dial up connections.
> <li>UNIX forgets we do not keep our computers on 24 hours a day.
> <li>UNIX needs experienced system administrators.
> </li>

Here you have to distinguish the fundamental problem: Unix was not
designed to be used at home from the consequnces: in the Unix world
dial-up access is rare, computers are powered-up 24 hours aday and the
user can call an experienced system administrator in case of problem.

This is not true in Linux world.

> <H3>Linux</H3>
> <li>Linux can be used as a server, linked to many computers,
> including ones that have Windows or NT as their operating system.

Here you skip the transition: Linux is cost effective in roles Unix
wasn't.  Then you give exmples but you must make clear this are only
examples of unadequacies in present distribs not that these are the
only points we are unhappy about.

 For instance people could want to use it in a Windows or Nt
based network but not only as the dominant server but also as just
another workstation in the network.  Here Linux distributions fail to
address the problem.

> <li>Linux does not need a systems administrator to fix problems.

Yes it needs one but here meny users are their own system
administrator from the start.

> <li>Linux is not expensive.
> <li>Linux can be used as the home computer.
> <li>Linux can be used as the game computer.
> </ul>
> <H3>The Independence distribution</H3>
> <p>Independence is free. Indy is designed for users by users.
> We built it because we feel Linux does not need to be UNIX. We think that
> other distributions have depended on the UNIX mold, which has held down the

I would prefer "have blindly followed the Unix way"

> growth of Linux.<BR>

the growth of Linux between those people who are beyond Unix

> You can find more info about Indy in the
> <A HREF="/distribution/"> distribution page</A>.
> </p>
> <p>Independence is volunteer work, we will progress faster if
> <STRONG>you</STRONG> participate.  If you believe that Linux users are
> different and need <A HREF="/thinklinux.shtml"> <STRONG>Linux</STRONG>
> solutions.</A>  <BR>
> <H3>Volunteer!</H3> If you want to be a user in the front lines, who want Linux
> to spread then <A HREF="/subscribing/">join us!</A>
> <!-- <H3> Join us <HREF> Page d'adhésions <H3> -->

This was something I wrote in Freench to remind me to ass a link
towards the subscription page.

My notes are not to be taken as litteral text to be added but as
tuning notes to get back in the spirit of Indy.