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Re: A couple ideas

> I am contemplating to try recompiling the ditrib with gcc 2.95.  It
> seems to have a big performance boot respective to egcs 1.1.2 and is
> not as risky as pgcc.
> However this would be a _heavy_ task and reloading the entire distrib
> cannot be done by someone as band-width starved I am.
belegost is now running RH6.0 (2.2.10ac12-smp). It's modified a lot, but
should still be recognizable.

It's got a partial-T3 connection to the rest of the world.
It's got 27 gigs of drive space. /var/tmp has 3.5 gigs free.
It's got 224 megs of ram.
It's got a pair of P5/166mmx processors.
You've got an account.

Go for it. :)
> Second I will add lokkit in the distrib.  This is a very simple to use
> tool for protectiong you from attacks coming from the Internet.  In
> ulterior releases of the distrib we could have it sutaomatically
> started during the install or at first boot.
> Third: I don't think we should movve to the 6.1 installer.  We don't
> have the source code for bugfixes (so we would have to fix them
> ourselves) and it eats over 50 megs intall.  This move is not so good
> for PR but aren't we supposed to do the right thing?

not that i've used it, but i'm told that the 6.1 installer was extremely
good at auto-identifying and auto-configuring every piece of hardware in
the machine.
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