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Re: A couple ideas

> > I am contemplating to try recompiling the ditrib with gcc 2.95.  It
> > seems to have a big performance boot respective to egcs 1.1.2 and is
> > not as risky as pgcc.
> > 
> > However this would be a _heavy_ task and reloading the entire distrib
> > cannot be done by someone as band-width starved I am.
> belegost is now running RH6.0 (2.2.10ac12-smp). It's modified a lot, but
> should still be recognizable.

Problem is libraries: when you build a distrib you need to install
libraries while you go.

I am also overbooked.

> It's got a partial-T3 connection to the rest of the world.
> It's got 27 gigs of drive space. /var/tmp has 3.5 gigs free.
> It's got 224 megs of ram.
> It's got a pair of P5/166mmx processors.
> You've got an account.
> Go for it. :)
> > Second I will add lokkit in the distrib.  This is a very simple to use
> > tool for protectiong you from attacks coming from the Internet.  In
> > ulterior releases of the distrib we could have it sutaomatically
> > started during the install or at first boot.
> > 
> > Third: I don't think we should movve to the 6.1 installer.  We don't
> > have the source code for bugfixes (so we would have to fix them
> > ourselves) and it eats over 50 megs intall.  This move is not so good
> > for PR but aren't we supposed to do the right thing?
> not that i've used it, but i'm told that the 6.1 installer was extremely
> good at auto-identifying and auto-configuring every piece of hardware in
> the machine.

Yes but the Rh Cd is neraly full and I am not sure we could fit Indy
in a CD and the installl doesn't support two.  Those 50 megs are
really needed elsewhere.  And the Rh 6.1 installer asked about
keyboard but did nothing about it so I made the install typing blind.
Aliens like me don't like installs who don't handle well non US
keyboards.  In addition when unable to detect the mouse instead of
asking it just drops you into text mode and this text install seems to
be not so well tested.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses