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Samba and other

I have been investigating Samba companions (Indy will ship 2.0.6) and
found that Gnomba is still based on a stupid concept (tryinf one by
one every ppossible address on a possible range) but knetmon is now
usabel.  Unfortunately it calls kfm.

2.0.6 broke TkSmb.  It is easy to fix but TkSmb is not maintained so I
think it would be better to replace by knetmon or qnetmon (its non-kde
aware brother).  Unless someone wants to try adding a couple features
to TkSmb (written in Expect).

I am ending the rebuilds of Indy but I also have to write the web site
and fix the installer and its stupid translations.  Seems to never end.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses