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Security Announcements

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[NOTE: These were originally created and sent on the 18th, but due to
problems I had locally, my sender address was incorrect, so they bounced!]

As Jean mentioned earlier this week (or was it last week?), I've
volunteered to organise some security updates.

Following this message there should be 4 security announcements, that I
think are relevent to Indy linux.

Basically what I'm doing is taking the RedHat Security Advisory, checking
if it applies to indy (I use the version numbers in the file names), and
if it does, I reformat it, reword some of it (if I feel it's needed), and
I'll then pgp sign it and forward it on to this list.

I'm assuming that if the package does not have "Indy" in the name, it's
version number is lower than that of the RedHat updated RPM, and the
advisory says it's relevent to the 6.0 RedHat release, that the RedHat fix
should be applied to Indy.

I'm also monitoring other lists like bugtraq, so if I see anything
relevent on there, I'll pass it on.

I've got indy 6.0-0.8 (Antaeus) installed on my system, so this is where
I'm getting the package versions from.

Shortly after posting the announcements, I'll add them to my website @:

I should probably sort out some way to upload the relevent packages, and
announcements to Indy's main site.

Over the next few days, I'll be playing with procmail recipies to see if I
can get a way to automatically retrieve announcements made that month via

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions about how the security announcements
should be run, I'm open to suggestions.

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