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Re: Liberator update (aka Indialer)

> Fellow patriots,

At last somebody has catched Indy's spirit.  ;-)

> I guess nobody uses wvdialer + wvdialerconf? I didn't get any feedback
> from anyone at all. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter because I've

I use it: not bad.

> decided on using eznet anyway. It's a a lot easier to write a frontend
> for it and It seems like it will work for most situations. Does anyone
> have any experience with eznet? I noticed that it's on the website
> under programming tasks TODO list. 

There are two: eznet and ezppp and I never rember which one is the one
I tried (there is hci in the author's address).  A very nice
configurator who handles like a breeze difficult cases and I know an
user who got connected first time he tried with it while he had been
unsuccessful for months with every other configurator under the sun.

> I've nicknamed the project "Indialer" for lack of a better name. The
> "liberator" will be constantly available by entering a "setup" mode
> to reconfigure or add another ISP account. Similar to Kppp. I may later
> write a Tcl/Tk frontend for X to mimic exactly the newt version to
> minimize confusion and also use the same account information in both.
> It will serve as my first Tcl/Tk project (panic).

Tcl is quite tricky.  Personally I find Python the best scripting
language available for Linux but we will have a language war here.
:-) You can use Tk or Gtk from Python.  The only problem with Python is
that you don't have the wealth of books Perl has.  You have only two:
the big one is a bit old and "Learning Python" is too short for in
depth coverage.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses