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New version of the FAQ

Same thing that for the home page.  I felt it ended being too
consensual so I gave it a bit more punch.  It is more a developpers
FAQ.   Does anybody find I go too far respective to punch?

====================================  BEGIN ===========================

  <Title>INDY: FAQ</Title>

  <h2>The Independence Linux Distribution FAQ</h2>

  <li><H3> Why is Independence free? </H3>
      It allows us to add to the distribution what we think will be
      particularly useful for users, rather than what would make
      bigger sales.
  <li><H3>Why are you named Independence?</H3>
      It was supposed to be a working title, but the name stuck. After
      all, it does nicely express the spirit of the distribution.
<li><H3>Why are you based on Red Hat?</h3>

Because we wanted to base on a distribution licensed under the <a
href="GPLhttp://www.gnu.org/">GPL>.  In addition we wanted to make a
<strong>useful</strong> distribution.  Use of electronic documentation
needs seome knowledge to be used, beginners need paper books and that
means that we have to base on distribution you can find bokks about it
in every store. It would be nice to start from a clean slate but until
we get far more manpower and enough notoriety for Indy being found in
bookstores we will have to base on another distribution. 

 <br> <br>

 <H3>Why Independence is not based on Debian</H3> 

 Because when we started it looked like using Debian as base would be
 lots of work.  In addition Debian is not that easy to find in stores
 and that means people would have to download hundreds of megs of a
 Debian-based distribution instead of getting a cheap CD at the
 nearest retailer and loading a few dozen megs for switching from
 RedHat to Indy.  Finally some people have argued that we have a duty
 to base on Debian.  Our answer is that we created Independence to
 serve those users who are being ignored by other distributions and it
 is out of question to accept another distribution being our suzerain
 and us being its vassal.


==============================  END  ==============================

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses